Light Engines

Delivering the highest brightness and optical power available, our light engines provide optimized output solutions for a range of applications such as light guide and fiber optic coupling, fluorescence excitation, and unrivaled uniform near and far field illumination.


The innovative LumiSpectra™ provides a continuous broadband spectrum and high CRI > 92 with individually controllable wavelengths ranging from visible to near IR.

Two user-friendly options can be operated in CW or pulsed modes with external trigger and fast rise time.

Wavelengths can be turned on one at a time in quick succession. In addition, the LED wavelength distribution can be customized to suit the application. The output of the fiber option is designed to a standard endoscopic NA of 0.66 and can accept up to 6mm diameter fiber bundles. Remote digital control is enabled by RS-485 interface with Modbus RTU communication protocol.


  • Two options
    • Optical fiber for up to 6mm diameter
    • Direct illumination by lens
  • Radiant power output > 0.30 mW/(nm-mm2-sr)
  • Contiguous spectrum 430nm – 990nm
  • Custom wavelength range available (UV – NIR)


Medical & Life Sciences

  • Endoscopy and diagnostic imaging
  • Xenon or tungsten halogen lamp replacement

Industrial & Commercial

  • Inspection
  • Multispectral illumination


LumiBright™ light engines deliver high radiant power from various half-angle beams and several diameter apertures.


The versatile and powerful LumiFiber™ devices are ideal for fiber optic applications in industrial, medical, and laboratory equipment. The couplers incorporate LumiBright™ 2400B light engines with interfaces for light guides or fiber bundles; ideal for use in high performance endoscopes and borescopes.

LumiScope™ ​

The LumiScope™ is an LED endoscope illuminator module with output exceeding 300W Xenon short arc lamps.

Options for individual control of multiple wavelengths within one source provide high CRI for direct viewing with a surgical headlamp; other wavelengths are used for multi-modality image processing endoscopy.


  • High CRI (> 94 @ 5700K and >95 for R9)
  • Output exceeds 300W Xenon short arc lamps
  • >2500 lumens output into NA 0.66 fiber bundle, 5.2mm diameter aperture 
  • Adjustable CCT
  • Accommodates single or four standard fiber interface
  • Multi-channel drive electronics
  • Environmental safety with lower operating cost


Medical & Life Sciences

  • Endoscope illumination 
  • Fluorescence excitation and imaging

LumiFlood™ Ultraviolet & LumiLine™

The LumiFlood™ and LumiLine™ Ultraviolet Light Engines are designed for UV flood and line curing systems.

Use a single LumiFlood™ or LumiLine™ or place in a tiled array to provide highly uniform coverage over a large area.


  • LumiFlood:
    • Uniformly irradiates 50X50mm area at 27mm working distance 
    • Power output >20W at 25A
  • Reflective metal optics for UV, high power, and high temperature operations
  • Continuous high current or pulsed operation
  • Choose from 3 UV-LED wavelengths


Industrial & Commercial

  • Flood curing 
  • Document verification 
  • Flood source illumination

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