Solar & Photovoltaics

Solar & Photovoltaics

Innovations in Optics has partnered with companies that are developing alternative and clean-energy technologies to help protect and sustain the environment.

Class AAA

Meets IEC 60904-9 Class AAA for spectral match, non-uniformity of irradiance and temporal stability requirements.


The compact and lightweight design supports a diversity of system integration concepts previously unattainable.

Flexibility & Cost

Offers lower power consumption, higher stability, smaller size, greater application flexibility, and a significantly lower cost-of-ownership.

Solar Simulation Technology

The LumiSun™ products meet AAA certified output for spectral match, uniformity of irradiance, and temporal stability requirements.

Applications Include:

  • Materials Testing
  • Photochemistry & Biology
  • PV Cell Testing & Research

Recommended Products: 

  • LumiSun-50

  • LumiSun OEM

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Our solar products include a benchtop model Ideal for use in research labs to measure the efficiency and spectral response of photovoltaic cells, as well as a range of other applications.

An OEM product targets PV manufacturers for testing steady-state I-V measurements of photovoltaic devices.

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