Drivers / Controllers

The LED Driver/Controllers incorporate fully integrated power solutions.​ Digital drivers and controllers provide programmable, fully integrated power solutions with fast response times.​

Ethernet, RS-485​

Modbus protocol

Constant current​

I/O for fans, thermistors and photosensors

Mode: continuous or pulsed

External trigger

5500A Driver & Controller

The 5500A is designed to ensure maximum output and lifetime from Innovations in Optics LumiDL™ and Lumi3D™ LED illuminators for applications such as 3D printing, computer-to-screen and computer-to-plate printing, and maskless lithography. The 5500A provides independent current control to each LED to achieve optimal performance and lifetime by ensuring uniform current density through the entire LED array. Each die in the LED array can be driven and modulated independently for precise exposure control in direct imaging systems.

5000H Driver & Controller

The single channel LED 5000H Driver/Controller is a switched-mode LED Driver/Controller for powering high-power LED light engines. It can also be used with LED illuminators as a constant current, DC to DC driver/controller, intended for lab bench or OEM applications.

5100A Driver & Controller

The 5100A Driver/Controller supports constant current (programmable) for 1 - 18 channels. It can operate in a continuous or pulsed mode and has programmable trigger events.

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