Microelectronics & Semiconductors

Microelectronics & Semiconductors

Innovations in Optics' illuminators allow unprecedented speed and resolution for inspection solutions, direct imaging, maskless lithography and more. The robust, high uniformity designs enable extreme radiance, stability, and long lifetime.

Excellent Spatial Uniformity

Our optical design provides highly uniform flux density over large areas for DLP systems

Customizable Wavelengths

The LED wavelength distribution can be customized to suit the application

Drivers Included

Digital drivers and controllers provide programmable, fully integrated power solutions with fast response times.

Maskless Lithography for Advanced Packaging

LED Direct Imaging (PCBs)

Semi Wafer Inspection/Metrology


LED Direct Imaging (LDI)

Innovation in Optics' LED Systems incorporate our patented and proprietary technologies delivering high optical power. Our UV products offer unprecedented flux density for additive manufacturing and maskless lithography. Visible to NIR products provide near field uniformity >90% for semi-conductor wafer inspection and multispectral imaging.

Our devices are ideal for numerous applications as a more efficient alternative to costly laser systems and mercury, xenon and tungsten-halogen lamps.

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