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 Drivers & Controllers

LumiBright High Power UV
LS Driver/Controller

The LumiBright Line Source Ultra-Violet Driver/Controllers incorporate fully integrated power solutions.

  • Ethernet controlled
  • High power model
  • Programmable
  • Fast response time
  • PWM controllable
  • Adjustable current controls
2600P-LS-UV Downloads
  • Single channel model for High powered UV
  • 2 output jacks per LS unit
  • Supplies up to 50VDC and up to 200 watts

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Product Comparison

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Product Accessories    
Standard Power

Standard 15 pin D-Sub 24 gauge Male to Male Cable (5' or 10')
High Power

Heavy Duty 15 pin D-Sub 20 gauge Male to Male Cable (5' or 10')



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