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e-NEWSJanuary 2014 

Featured Product:

LumiBright™ FC 2400B-510


Key Attributes:

  • Over 600 lumens from 3-mm aperture
  • White LED with CCT of 4700K (nominal) 
  • Energy efficient, long-life
  • Small footprint
  • Continuous or pulsed operation

The 2400B-510 is designed for high luminous flux, white LED illumination into optical fibers, bundles and light guides sized from 1.0 to 3.0 mm in diameter.


The product features patented technologies that encompass non-imaging optics with chip-on-board metallic substrates to provide both optimum luminous efficacy as well as ideal thermal management. 


FC 2400B-510 Performance
High Lumen Delivery for 3-mm Light Guides


The LumiBright FC 2400B-510 light engine features a COB array of seven die connected in parallel.  With proper cooling, constant current operation up to 21 A is possible (3 A per die).  The light emitted from a butt-coupled glass light pipe, 3 mm diameter and NA 0.66, is charted below as a function of drive power.


The FC 2400B-510 Light Engine produces a spectral distribution with a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 4700K.
As with all LumiBright light engines, the model 2400B-510 can be supplied with LED die that range form the UV to the NIR. Click here for our die bin table of standard LED wavelengths.
FC 2400B-510 Applications
Industrial, Life Science and Medical Equipment

LumiBright LE Light Engines meet the most demanding requirements using state-of-the-art technology for many applications requiring UV irradiation.


The LumiBright FC 2400B-510 is ideal for microscopy applications. It can replace arc lamp illuminators that attach to microscopes using 2 mm or 3 mm liquid light guides and collimating lens adapters.


The FC 2400B-510 is also ideal for illumination in endoscopy which often use fiber optic light guides with a 3 mm active area.


Thermal Management 
For High Power Operation

A LumiBright UV LE Light Engine must be mounted to a thermal management device to dissipate the heat generated by the LED array under high power drive conditions. Thermal pads, heat sinks, heat pipes, and cooling fans are available from Innovations in Optics.

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FC 2400B-510 Performance
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