Light Engines 
e-NEWSDecember 2011 

Featured Product:

LumiBright™ LE Light Engines

  Light Engines

Key Attributes:

  • High brightness densely packed die arrays
    • Die wavelengths from UV to IR
  • High efficiency integrated optics
  • Thermal management for high drive currents
  • Thermistor and photosensor options for closed-loop control

Most high power LED packages are designed for applications in general illumination particularly as energy efficient replacements for incandescent lighting. Commercially available "high power" LED packages do not deliver the optical power or brightness required by the most demanding applications.


LumiBright LE Light Engines are optimized at the system level. 

LumiBright packages most effectively combine large emitting area die arrays, integrated primary optics and thermal management to facilitate integration of auxiliary optics and support high power drive conditions.


LumiBright LE Light Engines are cost-effective replacements for laser and arc lamp light sources.

LEDs eliminate many of the adverse concerns with lasers and arc lamps such as: high acquisition costs, frequent replacement, and user safety precautions. Lasers are intense and monochromatic, but are often very expensive and available in limited wavelengths. Arc lamps feature broadband emission, but need numerous optics and pricey spectral filters while imposing additional costs for system precautions like heat dissipation and preventing ultraviolet exposure or ozone generation.

LumiBright LE Primary Optics 
Compound Parabolic Concentrators

 CPC cut-away

Many LED illumination systems neglect efficient coupling of the LED output to the target illumination area. The primary LED optic in LumiBright LE Light Engines is a highly efficient compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) belonging to a general class of non-imaging optics. The CPC is nearly an ideal concentrator and well suited for LED applications. The near field output of the CPC is substantially uniform and ideally suited for such applications as interfacing to fiber optic bundles. The far field is very uniform which makes the CPC-coupled LED ideally suited for surface illumination applications.

Chip-on-Board Technology 
Metallic PCB Substrates and Dense LED Arrays

LE board

LumiBright LE Light Engines use metallic PCB substrates that offer excellent thermal performance. LED die are bonded directly to the gold coated copper, heat spreading substrate.  The boards can be populated as multi-die arrays in single, three, and sixteen color combinations from our standard selection of 26 die offering wavelength choices spanning the ultraviolet to the near-infrared as well as broadband white. The design is capable of exceeding 50,000 hours of continuous operation as high brightness solid-state light sources by exploiting the efficacy and characteristically long life of the most powerful LED chips . An on-board thermistor (included) and photosensor (optional) allow real-time monitoring of temperature and light intensity for closed-loop control.


A LumiBright LE Light Engine must be mounted to a thermal management device to dissipate the heat generated by the LED array at high power drive conidtions. Thermal pads, heat sinks, heat pipes, cooling fans and plenum are available from Innovations in Optics.


LumiBright LE Applications
Industrial, Medical, and Laboratory Equipment

LumiBright LE Light Engines meet the most demanding requirements using state-of-the-art technology for many applications involving life science instrumentation, industrial processes, and medical illumination.


LumiBright LE Light Engines can be fiber-coupled for OEM applications including:Cure

  • medical endoscopes
  • industrial borescopes
  • microscopes
  • machine vision illuminators
  • phototherapy devices
  • UV curing systems

LumiBright LE Light Engines are ideal for OEM life science instrumentation such as: Cells

  • gel & blot imagers
  • real-time PCR systems
  • cytometers
  • colony counters
  • microplate readers
  • gene array readers
  • ELSD detectors for HPLC
  • SPR systems
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