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e-NEWSJuly 2011 


Welcome to our first company newsletter. This month we are proud to announce the launch of our new web site featuring dozens of exciting new products. Please visit the site to learn how our products can provide the high performance LED solution that you have been seeking.


If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call or email us. We engineer custom designs for OEM clients.


Thomas Brukilacchio


New Web Site Launched
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Our core technologies unite COB LED technology (Chip On Board) with patented and patent-pending high collection efficiency optics and system thermal management for maximum photon delivery and unrivaled uniform near and far field illumination.


Configurable designs accommodate a large selection of LED die that span the spectrum from UV to near IR, in single or multiple die combinations. Our products include:


  • LED Light Engines consist of a dozen models that support multi-configurable die combinations and various primary optics to select the far field angle of illumination.

  • Light Engines

  • Illumination Systems feature the highest intensity LED line source illuminators; fiber coupled LED engines for light guides and fiber bundles, and LED projectors with high spatially uniform illumination.

  • Systems

  • UV Light Engines & Illumination Systems offer unprecedented intensity for fluorescence excitation and photocuring applications.
  • UV

  • LumiBrightTM Boards  are multi-configurable metal core LED boards engineered for superior thermal management, but unlike the Light Engines include no integral optics.

  • LB Boards

  • Ethernet controlled drivers as well as thermal management accessories are available for complete system solutions.
  • Accessories




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    Innovations in Optics is pushing the technology envelope to develop industry-leading ultra high brightness LED products that incorporate patented and patent-pending optics to direct and maximize output uniformity and efficiency, enabling some of today's most revolutionary solutions in light.






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